Our Curriculum

Our aim is to develop life-long learners who have the knowledge skills and attributes that enable them to be resilient and adaptable learners.  Students will be equipped to be able to deal with whatever challenges our rapidly changing world may throw at them.

Our aims are underpinned by a rich, relevant, broad and balanced curriculum, characterised by, personalisation, innovation and creativity.  The curriculum challenges students to excel in their studies.  It is a curriculum which inspires a quest for learning through enthusiasm and empathy and prepares students for further study and employment. 

Students in year 7, 8 and 9 will study English, Maths and Science as part of their core curriculum.  They will also study PE, Humanities, Art, Technology, Music and ICT.  Students will also study French as a Modern Foreign Language.  In addition students will have opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of Citizenship through Personal Social and Health Education and the mentor time programme.  Some students follow a course of Personal Development and Well-being in Year 9.

All students in Key Stage 4 will study both English Language and English Literature.  Selected students will study GCSE Statistics and Additional Science in addition to Core Maths and Core Science.  Students will undertake a course in Physical Education and also PSHE.  In addition, students will have opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of Religious Education and Citizenship through Personal Social and Health Education and the mentor time programme.  Students will select a number of option subjects to study throughout Years 10 and 11 and these might include Humanities, Art, Technology, ICT and broad range of vocational subjects including Food & Cookery.

Please click here to see our curriculum overview for 2016/17.


Quality of Teaching and Learning

We have high expectations of our teachers at Aylesford School – Sports College and we are constantly improving the standards of learning and teaching in lessons.  The Leadership Team pay regular visits to lessons where they talk to students, look at the work they have done and ask them about their learning.  We also regularly sample the work our students have produced and offer feedback to them and their teachers about the quality of the work seen.  We have a strong commitment to ensure our teachers provide high quality learning experiences for all our students.  We make sure lessons are challenging, inspiring and purposeful as well as being fun and enjoyable.

Our core expectations for teachers are non-negotiable and incorporate the values, responsibilities and duties that teachers at the School have. Everything we do has to be in the interest of the students for whom we work.


Assessment and Reporting

It is important to keep parents and carers informed of the progress their children make at the School.

The most effective way to communicate this information is through regular dialogue between teacher and parent.  A dedicated parents evening will provide face to face opportunities to communicate important information to parents and these should be the basis for any professional conversation between teacher and parent.  At the end of the academic year, a written report will provide a further opportunity to communicate vital information to parents from teachers, including summative assessment data and progress towards targets.   At times between these more formal opportunities a summary report sheet will provide useful information on progress, effort, homework and behaviour following assessment points.


Parent/Carer Consultation Meetings

We have at least one parent/carer meeting per year where you can discuss your child’s progress with their subject teachers. In addition to this we have Information Evenings at relevant times during the year to inform you about key events that are taking place which will affect your child.

If you have any queries at any time please contact either your child’s subject teacher or their mentor and we will be happy to meet with you. Indeed we actively encourage as much parental involvement as possible; after all we are working in partnership with you for the same end. We all want your child to be successful.


Literacy at Aylesford School - Sports College

At Aylesford School - Sports College we believe Literacy is the foundation for success in all subject areas. The quest to improve communication skills both orally and in writing is a priority for all staff. The School is confidently building on the successes of the English Department as every member of staff strives to engage all learners in developing the key skills they will need to achieve their potential both in and out of the school environment. Techniques such as writing structures and planning techniques are employed by all staff to ensure all students and all abilities are actively engaged in identifying transferable Literacy skills across different subject areas.



Being here is not just about learning new things. It is about the passion the teachers have for their subjects and how they make each day a new challenge.
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