Type of School:  Secondary, Foundation, High, Mixed       LA No:  886   DCSF No:5410

Age Range:  11-18   Day Pupils

Specialisms:  Sports and Science

Planned Admission No:  180    

Number of Applications for Yr 7 entry September 2015:  464

Number of places offered 1 March 2015:  180

Expected number on roll:  987

Aylesford School – Sports College has an agreed PAN (Published Admission Number) of 180 students for entry in Year 7 each September. All applicants will be admitted if 180 or fewer apply. Applications for Year 7 places are managed through the Kent County Council Admissions team.

Before the application of oversubscription criteria children with a Statement of Special Education Need (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which names Aylesford School – Sports College will be admitted. As a result, the published admissions number will be reduced accordingly.

In the event of oversubscription, priority for admission will be given to children who meet the criteria set out below, in order:

    1. A ‘Looked after child’ or a child who is previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, child arrangements, or special guardianship order. A looked after child is a child who is (a) in the care of the local authority, or (b) being provided accommodation by the local authority in the exercise of their social services functions.

    2. Children with a sibling attending the school at the time of application and who would be of normal school age at the September of admission. Sibling is defined in these arrangements as children who live as brother or sister in the same house, including natural brothers or sisters, adopted siblings, stepbrothers or sisters and foster brothers and sisters.

    3. Proximity of the child’s permanent residence to Aylesford School – Sports College, measured in a straight line using Ordnance Survey address point data, with those living closest to the school being accorded the highest priority. The school uses measurements provided by the Local Authority to calculate this distance.

Random allocation will be used as a tie-break in category ‘3’ above to decide who has highest priority for admission if the distance between two children’s homes and the school is the same. This process will be independently verified.

If the last child to be offered a place at Aylesford School – Sports College’s published admission number  (PAN) is a multiple birth or same cohort sibling, any further sibling will be admitted, if the parents so wish, even though this may raise the intake above the school’s PAN. The PAN will remain unchanged so that no other child will be admitted until a place becomes available within the PAN.

A waiting list will be held until 31st December of the intake year. This list will be ranked in accordance with the oversubscription criteria as detailed above and will be re-ranked each time a child is added to the list.

Requests for admission outside of the normal age group should be made to the Headteacher as early as possible within the normal admissions round associated with that child’s date of birth. This will allow the school and admissions authority sufficient time to make a decision before the closing date. Parents are not expected to provide evidence to support their request to defer their application, however where provided it must be specific to the child in question. This might include medical or educational physiologist reports. There is not legal requirement for this medical or educational evidence to be secured from an appropriate professional, however, failure to provide this may impede a school’s ability to agree to the deferral. Parents are required to complete an application for the normal point of entry at the same time, in case their request is declined. This application can be cancelled if the school agrees to accept a deferred application for entry into Year 7 the following year. Deferred applications must be made via paper CAF to the Local Authority, with written confirmation from each named school attached. Deferred applications will be processed in the same way as all applications for the cohort in the following admissions round, and offers will be made in accordance with the school’s oversubscription criteria.

After a place has been offered Aylesford School – Sports College reserves the right to withdraw the offer / place in the following circumstances:

  • After the parent or learner has failed to respond within a reasonable time;


  • When a parent or learner has failed to notify the school of important changes to the application information;


  • The admission authority offered the place on the basis of a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application from the parent or learner.

Sixth Form Admission Arrangements – Published Admission No: 180 (combined Year 12 and Year 13)

Students are able to join Aylesford School – Sports College in Year 12 for sixth form studies. Priority will be given to existing students transferring from Year 11 who meet the entrance criteria. Admission to Sixth Form will be as a result of applicants obtaining a minimum of 5 GCSE passes at Grade C or above including Maths and English and also meet the subject criteria for their chosen course of study. The admission number for external candidates will be dependent on the number of internal candidates. The overall PAN for Year 12 will be 75 students. Where there are more candidates seeking places than places available, the oversubscription criteria outlined above will be applied to eligible students.

Offers and Appeals

Offers will be made on the basis of predicted performances at GCSE, with the requirement that the above grades are achieved in the final examinations prior to entry to the Sixth Form and the pupil's 4 chosen subjects being accommodated on the timetable, in feasible group sizes.

All offers made during Year 11 are conditional on pupils meeting the grade criteria specified and will only become firm offers upon confirmation of actual GCSE results.

Offer letters will be made before the end of May.  Offers will be confirmed once the school has been notified of GCSE results in August.

Where learners have achieved better results than the predicted grades they will be considered based on the grades achieved and ranked accordingly for any places that become available as a result of other learners failing to meet the required entry levels.

Parents have a statutory right of appeal, should an application for a place be refused, by writing to The Clerk to the Governors, care of the school.

Late applications will be considered if places in appropriate subjects are still available after all other applicants have been considered.

A waiting list will be held, ranked according to the over-subscription criteria.

For all other applications for admission to Aylesford School – Sports College such as:

  • Late applications for admission to Year 7

  • Applications for admissions to years other than years 7 and 12

  • Application for admission to any year after the beginning of the school year,

parents should contact the school directly.

Supplementary Form Required: No

Waiting lists will be maintained until January 2017 

How do I apply for a September 2016 Year 7 place at Aylesford School – Sports College?

You must complete a Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) which can be found in the Admission to Secondary Schools  booklet, available from your child’s primary school.  You may also now apply online (

The completed application form must be returned to your child’s current primary school or sent online by midnight on Monday 2nd November 2015 at the latest.

(Applications received after the deadline are considered late applications, which means that they are processed last, thereby significantly reducing the chance of getting your child a place at your chosen secondary school.)


If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2016 you can appeal between 1 March and 13 April 2016 to guarantee that your appeal will be heard by 16 June 2016. For applications made in the normal admission round, appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals.  For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 schools days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 schools days of the appeals being lodged.

Year 6 – 7 Transition

Once accepted for a place at Aylesford School – Sports College, your child will undertake a comprehensive transition programme aimed at making the change from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. This involves our Transition Co-ordinator and members of the Senior Leadership Team visiting our feeder primary schools. Students visit us for two days in July. Before the end of the summer term, the school arranges parent/carer/student interviews with staff including a Welcome/Information Evening for parents/carers.

How do I make an In-Year application to Aylesford School – Sports College for entry into current Year groups 7 – 11?

Parents/carers should contact the School for a Kent Secondary Common Application Form, complete it and return it to us.  We will then contact you to arrange a meeting to discuss the application further.


Admissions Policy

A mixed-sex intake will be accepted at age 11. The number of intended admissions for September 2016 will be 180, which is the School's approved admission number.

Before the application of over subscription criteria, children with a statement of special educational need which names the school will be admitted.  As a result of this, the published admissions number will be reduced accordingly.

For further information on Secondary School Admissions, visit the Department for Education Secondary School Admission web page.

To access general information about the school, including annual school achievement and attainment tables, recent school inspection reports and uniform policy, please contact the school or search this website.

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