An education that builds character

Our vision is to provide high quality academic and ‘Character Education’ which develops confident young people who are successful learners and contribute positively to society.

At Aylesford School we believe that we should do more than just teach students how to pass exams. We believe we should provide them with the opportunity, and indeed the expectation, that they develop strong character strengths. We work in partnership with parents to help our students develop the courage to persevere at tasks even when they are tough; the confidence to have a voice and to know what is right; the compassion and integrity to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, and to be kind to others. We recognise and reward students who demonstrate our Character Strengths in school. When they also make good progress academically and are on track to reach challenging target grades, they have the opportunity to graduate at the end of each year.


'Good character is the foundation for improved attainment, better behaviour and increased employability, but most importantly, flourishing societies.' 

(The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues)


Our Vision is to provide quality academic and 'Character Education' which develops confident young people who are sucessful learners and contribute to Society.

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Are you: • Reliable? • Responsible? • Friendly and approachable? • Good at listening? • Honest? • Hardworking? • Passionate about helping others?


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