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Statutory Information Other Policies and Information Safeguarding, Welfare & E Safety
School Contact Details Finance Policy Safeguarding Procedures and Managing Allegations in Schools
Ofsted Reports Homework Policy Child Protection Policy
Equality Policy

 Joint Health and Safety Policy


Keeping Children Safe in Education
Performance Tables/Exam and assessment data Teaching and Learning Marking and Feedback Policy Whistleblowing Policy
Curriculum Parental Complaints Procedure Health  Safety Policy Statement
Behaviour Policy Physical Restraint - Positive Handling Policy Anti Bullying Policy March 17
Pupil Premium Privacy Notice Online -Safety Policy
Admission Arrangements  Language Policy Social Media Guidance
Privacy Notice For Parents  Exam and assessment Results Parental Controls Guidance
Privacy Notice for Staff  Accessibility policy How To Recognise And Deal With Online Abuse
Register of Business Interests Cyberbullying Checklist
Special Educational Needs Policy Online Grooming
Special Educational Needs (SEN) Report Online Safety
Charging and Remissions Policies Understanding Sexting

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Academic Honesty Policy

Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Premium

Online Safety for Teenagers

Pornography - keeping children safe guidance

Records Management Policy

Data Protection Policy

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy

Education for Children in Care Policy


Requests for Copies - paper copies of information on this website are available from the School.


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When I joined the school I was really nervous but everyone was helpful.


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