Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Engineering

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BTEC Course Topic Structure

Unit 1:  The Engineered World (On Screen Test) (25%)

  1. Know about engineering processes used to produce modern engineered products
  2. Know about developments in engineering materials and technologies
  3. Understand how engineering contributes to a sustainable future.

Unit 2:  Investigating an Engineering Product (Core) (25%)

  1. Understand the performance requirements of an engineered product
  2. Understand the selection of specific materials for use in the components that make up an engineered product
  3. Understand the selection and use of manufacturing processes in an engineered product
  4. Understand the quality issues related to an engineered product.

 Unit 4:  Engineering Maintenance (25%)

  1. Know about causes and effects of equipment failure and types of maintenance procedures
  2. Be able to resource and plan a maintenance activity on an engineering product or system
  3. Be able to carry out a maintenance activity safely on an engineering product or system.

Unit 5:  Engineering Materials (25%)

  1. Know about the properties of common engineering materials and selection for engineering applications
  2. Know about the supply and sustainable use of engineering materials and selection for an engineering product or activity.


On Screen Test Date TBC 2018

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In school support

We run an Engineering Support /Booster sessions on a Wednesday and Thursday 3.00-4.00pm where students will receive additional help with their work. They can use this time to complete homework or to add to their classwork/exam preparation.


Lunchtime: CAD facilities are available for Coursework / exam support.

We expect all BTEC students to attend at least one of these sessions each week to ensure that all work is up-to-date and completed.

Half term

YR11 Wednesday 14th February 2018

12.00 – 3pm Coursework Catch up


Engineering Revision Guid

2017 - 2018 Aylesford BTEC 2 Engineering Award Student Handbook


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