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Dress Code

As role models to younger students within the school it is important that our Sixth Form students are dressed appropriately.  Students should come into Sixth Form in a business-like and purposeful way.  The dress code for males and females is as follows:


  1. Tailored trousers/chinos
  2. Shirt and tie
  3. Plain jumper
  4. Black shoes

Students can choose to wear suits or a tailored jacket.


  1. Blouse/shirt/plain jumper
  2. Appropriate length skirt/dress or trousers
  3. Cardigan or jacket
  4. Shoes


Jewellery/Make up


  1. Girls are permitted to wear discreet make up
  2. For health and safety reasons, students may wear a watch and a discreet pair of


The following items are not permitted

  1. Jeans of any colour
  2. Hoodies
  3. Flip flops/high heels/trainers/UGG boots
  4. Leggings
  5. Facial piercings

Shoulders, backsides, midriff and cleavage should be covered.


If Sixth Form students come to school wearing clothes that are inappropriate in any way they will be sent home to change.


Mobile phone policy:Students are allowed to use their phones within 6thform areas in Wembley only – they must not be visible at all on the rest of the school site, in order to comply with the whole school policy. 

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