Up for the Challenge at Aylesford


Up for the Challenge at Aylesford

This term we will be challenging our students to undertake work in their lessons that is more challenging than ever.  For our key stage 3 students this means that they will be trying GCSE work.  For our year 10 and 11 students this means that they will be given the opportunity to try GCSE work at the highest grades.  This is part of our drive to ensure that all students are challenged to achieve their potential.  Students that rise to the challenge will receive a sticker in their class book that celebrates their achievement.

Have a look at Up For The Challenge in action below


Up for the Challenge Activity for 11y/Ma2 this lesson – 2 Higher Maths Problems which involve the following and hit Grade 6 (B grade):

  1. Forming an inequality from the written information
  2. Solving the inequality
  3. Checking to see the question has been answered


Up For The Challenge - Brody


As completed by Brody with no assistance

Up For The Challenge - Brody

And also the following Up for the Challenge success.

 6th Form - Business - Lauren

Being here is not just about learning new things. It is about the passion the teachers have for their subjects and how they make each day a new challenge.
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