Core Leadership Team

Executive Headteacher      Mr M Wright
Headteacher   Mr C Guthrie
Deputy Headteacher   Mrs N Land
Deputy Headteacher   Mr R Silvester
School Business Manager   Mrs S Milsom

Assistant Headteachers

Years 7 and 8      Miss J Debens
Year 9   Mr M Smissen
Year 10   Mr D Wright
Head of 6th Form   Miss L Dangar
Student Welfare Lead   Ms O Jones

Expectations & Standards Leaders

Year 7       Miss C Duff
Year 8   Mr P Neeve
Year 9   Mr M Savara
Year 10   Mr A Groom
Year 11   Miss S Kemp
6th Form   Miss A Blackman

Student Support Leaders

Key Stage 3      Mrs S Severn
Key Stage 4   Mrs Hodgson
Key Stage 5   Miss R Sharpe

Additional Educational Needs Department

SENCO - Mrs A Cornall (Maternity)

Acting SENCO - Ms S De'Athe

Mrs S Simpson       (Learning Support Manager)
Mrs B Aslett    
Mrs E Berry  


Mrs L Bridges    
Mrs K Field    
Mrs G Hiscock    
Mrs T Leach    
Mrs T Matthews    
Mrs M MacNab    
Mr S Reckless    
Mrs L Ruddy    
Mrs M Sammut    (Lead TA for Speech and Language and Physical Disabilities)
Mrs N Sampayo    
Mr M Warren    
Mrs R Watson    



Receptionist    Mrs T Luxon

Teaching Staff

Mr R Andrews - Teacher of ICT

Mrs L Baker - Head of Religious Studies

Mrs J Barton - Teacher of Art

Miss A Blackman - Head of Social Science

Mrs N Butterworth - Teacher of MFL

Ms L Byrne - Teacher of Science

Miss S Carpenter - Teacher of PE

Ms T Carter - Head of PSHE

Mr R Coles - Head of Maths

Mrs S Collier - Teacher of PE

Mr P Cooper - Teacher of PE

Mrs A Cornall - SENCO

Mr M Cortes - Teacher of Science

Miss L Dangar - Assistant Headteacher

Miss J Debens - Assistant Headteacher

Ms S De'Athe - SENCO

Ms C Duff - Teacher of History/Transition Co-ordinator

Mrs P Duncumb - Teacher of Maths/Induction Co-ordinator

Mrs N Edgerton - Head of Art

Mr A Groom - Head of PE

Mr M Gray - Teacher of Maths

Mr C Guthrie - Headteacher

Mr J Heather - Teacher of Technology

Mr C Henson - Teacher of Music

Mr N Herrod - Teacher of Science

Mrs K Holden-Smith - Head of Science

Miss K Jarvis - Teacher of PE

Mrs M Johnston - Teacher of PE

Miss O Jones - Assistant Headteacher - Student Welfare Lead

Miss S Kemp - Head of Technology

Miss R King - Teacher of Art, Technology & Design

Mrs N Land - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Lawton - Head of MFL

Mrs R Lettington - Teacher of Science

Mr P Lewis - Teacher of PE

Ms E Lyons - Teacher of Science

Ms S Lyons - Head of Business Studies

Mrs L McGuckin - Head of History

Mr M Martindale - Teacher of Science

Miss E Monks - Teacher of Sociology/Psychology

Mr J Munto Duran - Teacher of Maths

Mr M Mushekwa - Teacher of Geography

Mr P Neeve - Teacher of History

Mr D Ogbeiwi - Teacher of Maths

Ms G Pathberiya - Teacher of Music

Mrs E Peerbux - Head of Applied Learning

Ms L Platt - Teacher of English

Mr A Robinson - Teacher of English

Mr C Robson - Teacher of ICT

Mrs J Rogers - Teacher of Science

Mr M Savara - Teacher of English

Mr R Silvester - Deputy Headteacher

Mr M Smissen - Assistant Headteacher

Mr D Tindell - Head of ICT

Mr B Walker - Teacher of Maths

Mrs A Wellard - Acting Head of English

Mrs B White - Teacher of English

Miss T Williams - Second in Charge - PE

Mr D Wright - Assistant Headteacher

Mrs V Young - Teacher of Science

Support Staff

Mrs A Abbott - Student Receptionist

Ms A Ainsworth - Cover Supervisor

Mrs B Aslett - Teaching Assistant

Mr R Bennett - Minibus Driver

Mrs E Berry - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Bicker - Exam Invigilator

Mrs M Bignell - Senior Science Technician

Mrs L Bridges - Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Brignell - Art Technician

Miss E Cadd - LRC Manager

Mrs T Cadd - Finance Officer/Cover Manager

Mrs A Chapman - Exam Invigilator

Miss S Day - Assistant Reprographics Technician

Mrs K Field - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Hiscock - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Gryntus - Reprographics Technician

Mrs L Hardwick - Clerk to the Governors

Miss T Hillier - Lead Data Officer

Mrs T Hodgson - Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs K Kerry - Exam Invigilator

Mr J Langford - Exam Invigilator/Minibus Driver

Mrs J Langford - Exam Invigilator

Mrs A Layzell - Laboratory Assistant

Ms T Leach - Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Luxon - Receptionist

Mrs M MacNab - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Makuch - Mid-Day Meals Supervisor

Mrs T Matthews - Teaching Assistant

Mr A McGuckin - Cover Supervisor

Miss J McKenna - Personnel Officer

Mrs S Milsom - School Business Manager

Mrs P Morse - Science Technician

Mrs C Murphy - Exam Invigilator

Mrs A Newbold - Exam Invigilator

Mr B Ott - Minibus Driver

Mrs P Parris - Exams Assistant

Mrs M Platt - Technology Technician

Mr P Poon - Exam Invigilator

Miss L Rookard - School Games Organiser

Mrs L Ruddy - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Sammut  - Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Sampayo - Teaching Assistant

Mr T Sawyer - Exam Invigilator

Mrs N Severn - Pastoral Support Manager

Ms R Sharpe - Pastoral Support Manager (Sixth Form)

Mrs S Simpson - Learning Support Manager

Mr N Still - Teaching Assistant

Mr R Taylor - Technology Technician

Mr K Thompson - Music Technician

Mr M Warren - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Watson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Webb - Exam Invigilator

Mrs G Weston - Attendance

Ms C Wood - Exams Officer

Mrs A Yeates - Exam Invigilator


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