Welcome to Year 10

Year 10 is one of the most important years of your child’s education, the number of subjects they study is reducing and they have the opportunity to focus more specifically on the subjects that interest them and that are of relevance to their future careers. In addition to the option subjects they follow a sturdy core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, PE and PSHE. It is a combination of good grades in the core areas with success in their option subjects that enables our students to build up a well-rounded and balanced portfolio of qualifications once they finish year 11.

The leap from Year 9 to 10 is huge; the expectations of our students continue to be high, and students in year 10 will need to have a work ethic to match.  Exam questions, controlled assessment, practice papers, course work and mock exams are all aspects of our curriculum that are new to a lot of year 10 students.

Students in year 10 will need to be resilient, committed and organised if they are to be as successful as we know they can be, thoughts will be turning towards the end of year 11 and how they will use year 10 and 11 to ensure they achieve their goals and reach their intended destination once they have finished their GCSE examinations.

Our Year 10 students will be undertaking the reformed GCSE in English and Maths, these will be harder and more rigorous than previous years and as a result students in year 10 will need to be more studious and more focused than ever before.

To our year 10 students - no one is lucky when it comes to exams; I believe that you all have the opportunity to make your own luck this year by having everything in order. Ensuring you have the correct equipment, the right uniform, you produce work to the highest possible standard and you meet the deadlines that staff set for you. As the great explorer Roald Amundsen said

“Victory awaits him who has everything in order, luck, people call it. Defeat is certain for he who has failed to take the necessary precautions”

With that in mind, may I wish each and every year 10 student the best of ‘luck’ for this academic year and urge you all to make sure that you have ‘everything in order’. Victory awaits you.

Mr D Wright - Assistant Headteacher
Head of Year 10

Year 10 Welcome Letter 2016

PDF Yr10 Welcome



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