Welcome to Year 9

Welcome to Year 9

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome your son/daughter to Year 9 and thank them for all their hard work and the valuable contributions that they have made in Year 8.

Students in the school will be moving into a horizontal mentor system; this means that for mentor time, your child will now be only with others from the same year group. This has many benefits but fundamentally allows our mentors to provide a much more focused and targeted level of support for your child.

Year 9 is an exciting year; there are many new challenges that your child will face as they start in September. During year 9, students will choose the options they wish to study in years 10 and 11. Your child will need to think carefully about the subjects they wish to study; most courses are now linear, meaning little or no coursework and a set of final exams in Year 11. In addition to this, the government is making these courses more challenging. The level of work required to reach an A grade in August 2019 will be higher than current levels.

With these changes comes a raised sense of expectation in terms of what your child can achieve. Next year, when your child is in Year 9, the school will be raising target grades where the teachers will expect more from each student in terms of their commitment to learning, their work ethic and their ability to work and motivate themselves independently. The mentor will have increased expectation of their uniform and the way they organise themselves for school, including their attendance and punctuality.

To ensure your child reaches their potential over the next 3 years, we will ensure that we consistently maintain the highest expectations of your child and we hope that this is something that is echoed by the support of parents and carers at home.

Below is a set of expectations that has been signed by your son/daughter as a way of committing themselves fully to the next 3 years. It will be the job of the teachers, the mentor and the Assistant Head Teacher to ensure that, with the support of parents and carers, we all work together towards the common goal of helping each child be the best they can be.

I am delighted to be able to introduce the team that will be working alongside me next year to ensure that this happens.

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Smissen

Year 9 Team

Expectation and Standards Leader

Mr Savara







Mrs McGuckin / Mrs E Peerbux

Miss Monks

Mr Mushekwa

Mrs Lettington

Mr Herrod

Miss Carpenter

Student Support Leader for Year 9 - Mrs Hodgson / Mrs Severn

The mentor will remain the first point of contact at the school and should be contacted via phone or email if there are any issues surrounding your child which you would like to discuss further. It will be the role of the PSM, the Expectation and Standards Leader and the AHT to support the mentors in ensuring your child is on the correct path to being successful.

I look forward supporting your child on their journey and to meeting you during forthcoming school events.

Mr Smissen

Assistant Headteacher i/c Year 9 and Pankhurst House



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