Careers Programme information

Aylesford School is committed to providing high quality Career Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) to all students.  We believe that CEIAG is important for a number of reasons. The effects of CEIAG are that it:
• Empowers and prepares young people to gain and sustain enriching employment.
• Raises student aspirations to reach for their full potential which in turn improves their school attainment.
• Supports young people in developing the necessary confidence, knowledge and skills to plan for and manage their own future.
• Promotes diversity, social mobility and challenges stereotypes.

Aylesford School is proud to partner with colleges, Higher Education providers, businesses, parents and other external agencies in order to offer broad and effective support to our students. Our CEIAG provision aims to:
• Give students relevant careers information and guidance through curriculum learning, one-to-one advice and a range of activities, events and trips.
• Display the full range of routes available to young people post-16 and post-18 and to provide personal guidance regarding which to explore further.
• Impartially support students on an individual basis to choose the pathway that is right for them.
• Expose students to the world of work through Year 10 and 12 work experience placements as well as curriculum related workplace visits.
• Enable students to consider their own strengths, skills and motivations and to evaluate how these impact future career decisions.

CEIAG Staffing
At Aylesford School we are proud to provide a full time Careers Adviser, Mr Doggett, who oversees our Careers Provision. Students are welcome to visit Mr Doggett and at break time or lunch time. Alternatively formal appointments can be set up by emailing or phoning Mr Doggett on the contact details below.
Email: ben.doggett@aylesford.kent
Phone: 01622 717341

Careers Provision
Aylesford School’s CEIAG provision is designed to support students through the different stages of their journey through school. Relevant and targeted guidance is given at each key transition stage to ensure students’ develop the necessary understanding and skills. This provision is reviewed and developed annually and a more comprehensive overview can be seen here (link to year plan).

Key Stage 3 Provision
In Years 7 and 8 the focus is on exploring interests and motivations and developing a broad understanding of the world of work. In Year 9 the focus is on building aspirations and exploring career opportunities in more detail, including challenging stereotypes. This includes:
• Year 7 Work shadowing day
• Year 8 Work shadowing day
• Year 9 Work shadowing day
• Online programmes to explore the world of work
• A range of employment related presentations to broaden understanding

Key Stage 4 Provision
In Year 10 the focus is on developing self-presentation skills and understanding what employers want. In Year 11 the focus shifts to making plans and applications for post-16 learning. This includes:
• Year 10 week long work experience placement
• Year 11 assistance with post 16 applications
• Individual post 16 interviews for Year 11 students
• A range of assembly’s designed to highlight the different post 16 options including 6th form, college and apprenticeships

6th Form
In Years 12 and 13 the focus is on preparing the students to make good future choices, engage in work experience, and understand personal development. This includes:
• Support completing applications for university, apprenticeships and employment
• One week work experience placement
• Individual career plan interviews for Year 13 students
• Trip to UCAS exhibition fair and National apprenticeship fair
• Sign posting to university open days

Provider Access
We welcome any businesses, education institutes or training providers who would like to present to our students. Please contact Mr Doggett if you wish to discuss this further.

Useful Links
A comprehensive tool for discovering what kind of jobs you may be suited to:

A quick and fun quiz to discover what careers your personality type is most suited to:

A wide range of resources that can be tailored to each individual student. Please contact Mr Doggett for the school’s code:

A range of information around university choices and applications:

The government’s apprenticeship search tool:

A variety of alternatives to university:

Careers Plan 2018-19