Business Overview

Our Vision

  • Develop a rich business and entrepreneurial vocabulary
  • Be able to identify and explain the key skills needed to be successful in Business
  • Understand the reasons behind Business decisions
  • Have the ability to make and justify their own recommendations for ensuring Business success.

Ever more the world of Business is having an impact on our daily lives.
Successful businesses create jobs and careers, pricing decisions have an impact on our economic well-being and business activity has environmental consequences.

At Aylesford School we want students to understand the theories and thinking behind business behaviour and enabling them to put forward their own ideas and strategies underpinned by an in depth understanding of key concepts and terminology.

Teaching and learning will involve, investigating the operations of businesses both large and small through looking at the internal and external factors that impact business behaviour.

Understanding how businesses operate

Business studies will take students within businesses both large and small to investigate how they operate and what makes them successful and also what causes them to fail.

Within operations management students will gain an understanding of the different types of production and how technological developments have an impact in terms of efficiency and personalisation. They will learn about the importance of quality control and customer service.

Human resource management looks at how businesses get the best out of their employees. Methods of recruitment are looked at as well as training and development and methods of motivation.

In marketing students will learn how businesses seek to gain customers through the use of the marketing mix and the importance of. market research to this process.

Finance will involve looking at how businesses seek to control their inflows and outflows through financial statements and how businesses can obtain the investment they need.

Businesses are also subject to external factors and so through the portal of business, students also investigate societal topics such as the role of government, climate change, ethical considerations, economics and globalisation

Creating an entrepreneurial mindset

Students will learn how to set up and grow their own business enterprises.

They will look at the key skills that entrepreneurs have and how these skills can be used in their daily lives, not just in a business sense.

They will learn how to set up their own business from choosing an initial idea to how to write a business plan and where to seek investment from.

The tools to manage business finances will be explained and they will gain a financial appreciation of what it takes to keep a small business enterprise going and how to cope with financial difficulties.