Religious Education Overview

Our Vision

The RS department appreciates the fact that no one stands alone and we all have a worldview. The vision of RS at Aylesford is to develop students into critical, openminded thinkers who will be ready to embrace the complex world around them.

Religious Education Curriculum

At Aylesford the focus of Religious Studies is to provide a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that empowers our students with the knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of diverse worldviews. We strive to cultivate young minds that are not only well-informed about the beliefs and practices of various religions but are also equipped with the critical thinking skills to engage in respectful debates and inspire positive change in the world.
Throughout the year students will study topics that allow them to appreciate the 3 disciplines of RS/ Religion and Worldviews – Theology, Philosophy and Sociology.
By learning about the core principles of various World faiths and Humanism, students gain insights into the spiritual and philosophical underpinnings of these traditions. This knowledge empowers them to navigate the complexities of the modern world with a deep appreciation for cultural differences and a sense of empathy towards others.

Religious Education Pedagogy

The goal of religious is to encourage compassionate and open-minded individuals who possess a deep understanding of various worldviews and the ethics that underpin them.

By inspiring a love for learning, promoting critical thinking, and encouraging respectful debate, we aim to equip our students with the tools they need to contribute positively to a diverse and interconnected world.