Science Overview

Our Vision

Our vision is for students to know, apply and extend their knowledge within science. Using substantive and disciplinary knowledge to cater to their academic needs and cultural capital.

Curiosity in Science

The aim of our Science curriculum is to enable pupils to build scientific knowledge around their personal world. We aim to encourage all pupils to develop a positive and practical approach to science, whilst seeking to develop substantive and disciplinary key scientific knowledge and skills.

Within Science we Combine knowledge with practical application establishing cross-curricular links where possible to reinforce understanding of the science around them during their school journey and beyond. 

Science Curriculum

The curriculum offers depth and breadth with a spiral curriculum, revisiting and linking all sciences together, through a range of pedagogy activates to support all students. Content is developed with AQA Collins KS3 and KS4 as well as establishing what students should know at the end of KS2.

We broaden pupils skills and understanding through practical’s and project-based discoveries, evaluate learning through each topic.

Key stage 3 has 3 hours of Science in year 7 & 8 increasing to 4 hours in year 9. This provides an opportunity to close missed opportunities in KS2 and transition new areas of Science into KS3.