Office 365 Information

Office 365 Information

Office 365 at Aylesford School

This week, we will be transitioning to Office 365 services for all staff and students. This is exciting news for the school, especially for our students who will now have access to all of Microsoft’s Office programmes using a web browser or mobile device. As the school continues to develop and improve our ICT provision, Office 365 will play an integral role in improving the digital literacy of our students and help prepare them further for life beyond school.

All students will be required to follow the instructions in the letter they receive, to ensure their account is active and working. Can you please support the school by keeping your child’s account details safe, and ensure they have the ability to access their Office 365 accounts from home.

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is an Internet based communication and collaboration tool hosted by Microsoft. Office 365 enables staff and students to email, store files, collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time anywhere with Internet access; Office 365 is a fully secure method for students and staff to communicate and collaborate. Office 365 applications are accessible from any device with a web browser and connection to the Internet.

How do I access the Office 365 online portal?

To access the portal where you can find all of the online suite of Office Applications (Word, PowerPoint, Teams, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook etc.) you will need to type the following URL into a web browser .

Once on this page, you will need to login using your normal school email address (ending in and the password which is in your letter.



Password: Your unique password

What is my school email address?

To log into Office 365, you will need your school email address. Typically, the format of your school email address is your first name followed by a full stop and then your surname. For example, Joe Bloggs would have the email address:

If you still need to find out your school email address, please ask your mentor, or find a time to visit the IT Manager, Mr. Ellis.

Where do I find my Office 365 password?

Your password is in the letter your child will receive.

If you need to reset your password, or have forgotten, please see Mr. Ellis.

How do I install the Office 365 apps on my tablet/mobile phone?

To install the office apps on a tablet or mobile phone, please visit the app store on your device and download the apps for free. When you open the apps you will be invited to log into the app; please use your school email and password given to you.


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