PE Overview

Our Vision

To provide a wide range of both sport and physical activity which builds upon the physical literacy and the character education of each student to help build a rounded learner. PE at Aylesford school is used as a vehicle to enhance all aspects of our pupils, through practical performance, leadership and sportsmanship whilst promoting the importance and value that physical activity brings to our lives.  PE at Aylesford School promotes the importance of life long participation by developing the student’s confidence, courage and character whilst increasing their understanding on the importance of health and fitness. 

Practical Performance

Students are provided with an opportunity to take part in a range of sports which fall within certain buckets. These include Invasion games, net games, striking and fielding, Athletics, Aesthetics, OAA Health and Fitness. Within each bucket are a number of physical activities which the students take part in to improve practical performance. In each sport students will have an opportunity to explore, develop, secure and extend their skills. Students take part in at least one activity from each bucket to ensure they are accessing a wide and broad curriculum.

Analysis and Evaluation

Students are also assessed regularly on their ability to self and peer assess performance. This provides the students with an opportunity to assess sporting performance. This regular feedback enables students to consider strengths and areas improvement which helps to build confidence and improve performance. This helps students to understand their current levels of performance and the steps required to move to the next level. 

Character Development

Character underpins each and every lesson, which encourages students to consistently show integrity and respect.  Curiosity help students to explore and develop new skills while encouraging resilience to stick to difficult skills and tasks.  We always emphasise a ‘can do’ approach in PE and want students to show courage and be brave in taking on challenging tasks. We firmly believe developing good character has huge benefits to the overall quality of PE lessons.

Student Leadership

Students are encouraged to display leadership in lessons, this often forms part of our extending tasks. This could be leading a warm up, or taking on additional roles within the lesson such as a manager, coach, referee or personal trainer. We also look to develop leaders within the class to act as roles models and captains to drive the quality of lessons forward.