Dance Overview

Our Vision

To help broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the wide range of Dance choreographed and performed across the world today, plus give students the opportunities to explore these in a creative way. At Aylesford we want to ensure all students leave as confident, creative, forward-thinking individuals with a passion and flare for the Arts having built on their cultural capital.


Students will perform work in a variety of contexts both formally and informally, and develop technique within a range of dance styles and forms. Students will be assessed using the key skills in dance with focus on the Technical, Mental, Expressive and Physical skills. At Aylesford we aim to give all students the option to participate and seek out performance opportunities.


Students will have the opportunity across KS3 and KS4 to respond to a range of stimuli and explore their own choreographic intentions. Dance will introduce social concepts through different forms of media and allows freedom to express and explore such themes.

Critical Appreciation

Students are introduced to a wide range of artistic, cultural and aesthetically diverse works and are encouraged to make their own analysis and interpretations of them. Students will also have the opportunity to critically appreciate their own work, and the work of their peers