History Overview

Our Vision

We aim for our historians to gain a rich and varied understanding of the history of the world around them. Alongside secure knowledge of a diverse range of individuals and events through history they will also develop historical skills that will be easily transferable into a variety of future pathways.

History Curriculum

At Aylesford School our intent in history is for pupils to develop curiosity about Britain’s past and the wider world. Motivating pupils to understand what has happened in the past and how history is then contested, enables a wide variety of historical skills to develop. We also encourage pupils to develop open mindedness and respect through the diverse range of individuals and events we come across, challenging pre-conceived ideas and encouraging independent thinking on the past, present and future. Pupils are encouraged to articulate their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences whilst respecting those with a differing opinion. We want to encourage pupils to think of history as ‘Everystory’, using scholarship to encounter a wide range of individuals, to learn from different experiences and build a richer understanding of the world.

Historical Skills

Our lessons are structured using enquiry questions. These create a foundation that allows pupils to both articulate an answer as well as form their own questions. Pupils develop a wide range of skills including an understanding of change and continuity, cause and consequence, similarity and difference, significance, chronological understanding as well as using evidence and interpretations. These skills equip pupils with a broad skill set that could support a wide variety of future career opportunities. Pupils will also be encouraged to develop confidence in orating and debating historical issues and evaluating historical interpretations.

Historical Knowledge

Pupils will consider a wider range of historical topic areas with studies on Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern time periods. They will encounter local history with opportunities to visit various places of historical interest first hand. They will also explore national and international individuals, perspectives and events and through a wide range of sources including visual evidence and propaganda. It is our aim that pupils can form their own judgements and assess the impact on the historical knowledge they have gained.