School Contact Details

School Contact Details – Website Compliance

School’s Name : Aylesford School
School Postal Address: Teapot Lane, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7JU
School Telephone Number: 01622 717341
The name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public:
Members of the public can email the school at or should contact Nichola Donavan (Office Manager) who will redirect members of the public to the appropriate member of staff.

Parents should phone the school office or email the school in order to contact the students’ mentor, pastoral support manager or subject leader in the first instance depending on the nature of the contact or if it is a safeguarding concern should contact our safeguard lead – All contact details details below.

School Email:
Deborah Morris Office Manager
Mentors For full list of mentors and contact details please Click Here

Progress Leaders

Year 7 Mr J Statham
Year 8 Mr P Cooper
Year 9 Mr P Neeve
Year 10 and 11 Mr D Matthews

Pastoral Support Managers

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8) Mrs N Severn

Key Stage 4 (Years 8,10 and 11) Mrs T Hodgson

Subject Leaders:

Head of Maths Mr B Walker
Head of English Mrs M Johnston
Head of Science Mr M Martindale
Head of Science Mr N Herrod
Head of Geography Mr M Mushekwa
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs S Lawton
Head of History Mrs L McGuckin
Religious Studies Mrs L Baker 
Head of Business Miss S Lyons
Head of Social Science Miss A Blackman
Head of Sport, PE and Dance Mr A Groom
Head of PSHE and SMSC Miss T Carter
Lead teacher of Dance Miss K Jarvis
Lead teacher of Drama Miss H Vidler
Lead teacher of Food Tech Mr S Kemnure
Lead teacher of Music Miss G Pathberiya
Careers Advisor Mr Ben Doggett

Leadership Team

Deputy Headteacher Mrs N Land

Responsible for
Teaching and Learning,
Key Stage 3 Progress and Attainment
Curriculum Line management of Science, Geography, Art and MFL

Deputy Headteacher Mrs K James

Responsible for
KS4 and Key Stage 5 (6th Form)Standards, Progress and Attainment
Curriculum Line Management of KS4 Progress/Raising Standards
Leaders of 6th Form, Careers,English and Maths.

Assistant Headteacher Mr D Wright
Responsible for
Character Education, Behaviour and Attitudes & Personal Development.
Line Management of Progress Leaders, Pastoral Managers, RE, Engineering, PSHE and SMSC

Assistant Headteacher Miss O Jones
Responsible for
Designated Safeguard Lead
Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)
Also responsible for Alternative Curriculum, Provision and outcomes

Headteacher Miss T Kelvie
Responsible for Aylesford School