Drama Overview

We believe that students deserve a wide-ranging, balanced and ambitious curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which engages students in a range of styles.

The greatest skills we can give students is the ability to achieve whilst harnessing their own creativity, whilst communicating this with others in order to become independent learners and thinkers.

Drama is a significant component in educating well-rounded students, giving them essential opportunities for growth and challenge beyond the subject content.

The Drama curriculum is spiral with essential drama and social skills built into the curriculum. This allows students to express themselves creatively whilst working to achievable and tailored goals, through performance in a safe, encouraging environment.

Drama Curriculum

Students at Aylesford School will explore their creativity through a variety of styles, themes and topics.
This means:

  • They will study a variety of practitioners, plays and styles of theatre. This is to develop their practical and theoretical understanding of Drama.
  • They will articulate and analyse productions and their own performances, identifying drama techniques and skills to form a critical opinion.
  • They will regularly perform in order to develop their own practice, through the delivery of a broad and exciting curriculum increasing their knowledge.
  • They will develop core cross curricular skills, such as communication, courage and confidence that will assist them when speaking in public.