Curriculum Intent

Aylesford School is an inclusive school where every child, regardless of ability and background can fulfil their dreams and aspirations. It is important that we develop and demonstrate a ‘Can Do’ attitude and be prepared to do whatever it takes to drive up standards and improve progress and attainment.

The vision for Aylesford School is to provide high quality academic and ‘Character Education’ which develops confident young people who are successful learners and contribute positively to society.

This is underpinned by our strap line ‘Courage, Confidence, Character’.

The clear priority for our school is to ensure that every child receives consistent high quality first teaching in all subject areas. This will engage them in their learning, give them a thirst for knowledge, motivate, challenge and inspire them to achieve the best outcomes.

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning across the curriculum. They should be taught how to learn and how to reflect on their own learning so that they are clear on how to improve and their next steps to achieve it.

Curriculum Intent

At Aylesford School our curriculum has been designed with the following three priorities in mind:

  1. To support the development of good character in our students
  2. To develop in our students, the knowledge and skills to have a voice and an opinion
  3. To ensure our students develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to gain valuable qualifications that lead to high quality progression routes into higher education and/or employment

This is achieved through the delivery of the curriculum:

a) Staff are to provide high quality teaching and learning which reflects how passionate they are about their subjects. Students are to engage fully with their teachers to gain the most from the learning experience

b) A broad curriculum at Key Stage 3 which includes a strong focus on the development of literacy and numeracy, as well as significant curriculum time focused the on performing and creative arts. This enables students to enter Key Stage 4 with proficiency in core subject knowledge, skill and understanding, as well as the self-confidence to have a voice, an opinion, and a curiosity for learning.

c) Key Stage 4 and 5 is to challenge and support students to achieve the highest outcomes possible whilst developing their character and knowledge of the wider world in order for them to access high quality employment, further education and training.