Term 1 Sporting Success

21 October 2022

Term 1 Sporting Success

Term 1 has been highly successful for our sports teams - we have had victories and strong performances across a range of sports! So many of our students have taken part in extra curricular opportunities and been part of our teams!

We are so proud of all of our students who represent the school! All of them are always great ambassadors for the school, demonstrating the schools character strengths all whilst enjoying themselves and having a good time!!!

There is more to come next term!  We have rugby fixtures running at the Aylesford Bulls pitch every Thursday, as well year 11 netball fixtures, boys football quarter-finals and Kent Cup 2nd rounds. In addition to that we have more 6th form football league fixtures in which they are two wins away from being champions!. We’re also excited that the the girls football teams will get into action next during Term 2!

Click the link below to go through to our newsletter to read more about some of our student successes!

PE Newsletter October 2022