Staff Football Success

18 June 2019

Staff Football Success

The staff football team played their first competitive tournament of the season on Friday.

Aylesford were grouped with Malling, NLL and Maplesden.

Game 1 – Aylesford 1 – 0 NLL – Doggett
Game 2 – Aylesford 1 – 0 MNS - Axford
Game 3 – Aylesford 0 – 0 Malling

The staff played three games on the spin and everyone worked incredibly hard, showing great character across all games!

Aylesford 7 points
Malling – 5 points
NLL – 4 points
MNS – 1 point

Aylesford top the group and will go into the winners tournament next time out!

A big well done to to Mr Doggett, Mr Axford, Mr Groom, Mr Cooper, Mr Neeve, Mr Walker, Mr Matthews, Mr Blair and Mr Martindale (GK)