Year 11 Student opens own Business!

20 January 2022

Year 11 Student opens own Business!

I am year 11 student from Aylesford school and I have opened my own small business on Etsy.

It was within the summer of 2021 when it all started, we were all in quarantine and learning from home- I know right, how fun was that? ? I was in my normal GCSE Business lesson on Zoom, our teacher explained to us that we have to start thinking about our own business and what sort of things we would want to sell, we had the amazing task of writing a 2500-word Assignment on the whole thing- fun! I went through many business ideas but nothing really interested me, I wanted to do something that was very creative and different, so therefore I kept looking into different potential ideas that I could write about in my assignment- little did I know that in the next 6months it would be an actual business that I would be running.

3 weeks later, I picked my business idea, I wrote my assignment! - and also was in the process to trade mark my new business, buy a domain to my new business and package my first order for my new business.

My Customize was born!

My Etsy shop (MyCustomizeUK )is still very small and still growing, but much effort and motivation was put into it in order for it to be launched and recognized, much hard work and reliance must be show into something in order for it to be successful so that’s what must be proceeded with.
I thank Mrs. Kelvie for being a very supportive headteacher and allowing me to have this opportunity to showcase my business and also to Mrs. McDowell (My business teacher) for giving me that very long assignment back in year 10 – otherwise I would not have been here.