Sixth Form Documents and Forms

Key documents and forms can be found below:

Post 16 Learner Agreement Enrolment Form

Please download, print and complete the Enrolment Form PDF below to ensure a successful induction into our Sixth Form.

Please download the enrolment form HERE.

Sixth Form Learner Agreement

The Sixth Form Learner Agreement outlines the expectations and responsibilities of students, parents/carers and staff within the Sixth Form at Aylesford School.

A copy should be downloaded HERE and signed by all the student, his/her parents/carers and a member of staff.

Personal Development Student Checklist

As part of a student’s learning experience, it is important that they take responsibility for their time at Aylesford School Sixth Form.

All students are expected to complete the Personal Development Student Checklist of experiences and actions they will need to undertake to ensure their success in our Sixth Form.

The Personal Development Student Checklist can be downloaded HERE.

Student Tracking Report 2018-19

The PDF attached is a blank outline of the termly report students will recieve. Termly reports allow staff, students and parents to monitor the progress that is being made each term.

Please download the tracking report form HERE.

Student Visits Contribution

We have a planned schedule of visits and activities across years 12 & 13. These are the compulsory elements of the programmes of study in year 12.

We fund as much of this as possible, and there are some events that have no cost, but it is necessary for us to ask for a contribution of £40 per student. This payment does not include the 6 termly trips, however it does include the travel element costs, therefore reducing the cost of the trips.

There will be other termly team cohesion trips that do incur additional costs from subject areas, but these do not apply to every student and are therefore not included in this list.

Please download the Student Visits Contribution form HERE.

Locker Application & Agreement Form

Please download, print and complete the Locker Application PDF if students wish to apply for a locker. There is a £5 refundable deposit to secure the use of the locker for a year.

Please download the locker application form HERE.