Sixth Form FAQ’s

Am I allowed to change or drop subjects?

Once timetables are issued students will not be allowed to change or drop a subject unless there are exceptional circumstances. A form for changing/dropping subjects during the first four weeks of term is available from the Sixth Form Team and must be signed by parents, the subject Head of Department, the Mentor and Head of Sixth Form. Following the first four weeks of term requests to drop or change subjects will not be considered.

What are Independent Study sessions?

Students will have Independent Study as part of their Sixth Form timetable. These lessons are planned in to support students to achieve their best. These should not be regarded as ‘free’ lessons but should be used to ensure work is completed to deadline, that work is being improved or revision or wider reading is being undertaken. These lessons will take place in Wi5 (Y12) and/or Wi4 (Y13). These areas will usually be supervised by a member of staff and it is expected that students will arrive fully prepared for the work they need to complete.

How are students monitored?

We track and monitor Sixth Form students’ progress regularly with a Data Collection Point (DCP) at the end of every term. This data is then used to decide on the level of support that each student needs and which pathway they will go into for mentoring (see below).

Sixth Form reports are three times per year for both year groups and there is a whole Sixth Form parents evening once per year. We also have an ‘invite only’ parents evening where parents of students who may be identified as in need of targeted support are invited to come in to talk at length with subject teachers, mentors and/or the Head of Sixth Form. In addition, parents who wish to come in for an update on their child’s progress are more than welcome to attend.

What enrichment activities are on offer?

We offer a range of enrichment activities within and across subjects. We also offer students the opportunity to tackle enrichment activities which could lead to additional qualifications such as Extended Project Qualification, ASDAN and MOOCs. These can be focused around students’ particular skill sets or field of interest and are designed to be independent.

Who pays for students exam entries?

Entries for exams are dependent on the students meeting course criteria. Any student who has failed to meet coursework deadlines, or is behind with work, may have their exam entry withdrawn. Equally, if attendance is unsatisfactory, students will be expected to pay for their exam entries. The school will finance retakes providing students have good attendance to lessons and have completed all work. If students want to re-sit (e.g. take an exam again without any further lessons), parents will need to pay for these exam entries.

What Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is available at school?

We are acutely aware that our students may need support in taking their next steps into the world of work or Higher Education. Our mentor programme is designed to help students to discover their career goals and gain the necessary skills and experiences to achieve them.

For students who need a more targeted approach, students can arrange an appointment with our Careers Manager who will support students in making applications to a wide range of sectors at different levels.

Where can students go in Sixth Form?

Sixth Form students at Aylesford School are fortunate to have their own designated areas for study. All students are expected to use the facilities sensibly.

Anyone found misusing the Sixth Form area will be subject to disciplinary procedures and in the case of wilful destruction/vandalism, will be liable for the cost of repairs or will be requested to undertake community service.

Can Sixth Form student use mobile phones at school?

Sixth Form students are allowed to use their phones within 6thform areas in Wembley only – they must not be visible at all on the rest of the school site, in order to comply with the whole school policy.

Can students park or smoke at school?

Unfortunately there are currently no parking facilities available to Sixth Form students on the school site. Aylesford School is a non-smoking site. Sixth Form students must not smoke on site or anywhere near the school gate. If students are seen smoking on or near the school site, parents will be contacted and students could lose their place in the Sixth Form. This includes Teapot Lane and the surrounding roads within ¼ mile radius of the school.