Sixth Form Induction & Enrolment Programme

Year 12

*based upon 100% attendance on Monday and Tuesday

As part of the Induction process students are required to visit their local library and register as a member. Proof of this will be needed for the Induction programme. Students may wish to sign up for this prior to the Induction days.

Summer Enrolment – Year 12

On Thursday 23rd August 2018 students will receive their GCSE results at Aylesford School. During this time the 6th Form Team will be available to discuss student’s results and what their next steps are. If all has gone to plan, then students will be able to enrol to Aylesford School’s 6th Form. If a student would like to further discuss their next steps, if things did not go according to plan, then they will be able to book an appointment with a member of the 6th Form Team either later that day or at school on Friday 24th August.

What Happens Next?

Thursday 23rd August 2018

GCSE results published and available for collection from school.

You will be able to enrol straight into 6th form with your results in your hand.

We will then contact you by letter to confirm your place in the 6th form is secure, taking into account any entry requirements for courses that were provisionally offered.

We will also contact those students who have not achieved the grades necessary for their 1st choice subjects, to discuss possible alternative courses.

You will be able to do this either on results day or arrange a time to meet with the 6th Form Team on Friday 24th August to look at your options moving forward.

Friday 24th August 2018

School will be open for those who were unable to collect their results yesterday and for those students who need extra help and advice.