Work Shadowing Week - Year 10

11 June 2019

Work Shadowing Week - Year 10

Year 10 Work Shadowing Week 8th – 12th July 2019

According to a recent survey, 80% of employers think that work experience is essential. It provides not just valuable understanding of a work place environment but also an opportunity to develop the soft skills that are so necessary to succeed in the world of work.

At Aylesford School we believe that it is vital for our students to gain experience of the world of work. As a result we will be setting aside time in the school calendar for this to happen. From the 8th – 12th July all of our Year 10 students are expected to attend a work shadowing placement.
The reason for letting you know so far in advance is because the responsibility for finding a placement lies with the student and their parent/carer.

It is important that the placement is meaningful and relevant to the young person’s career aspirations. In certain sectors work shadowing placements can be challenging to find and employers often appreciate a good deal of advance notice. Due to this we suggest that students begin making enquiries sooner rather than later. Placements need to be confirmed with the school by Friday 24th May.

Please find attached two forms that will need to be completed and returned to Mr Doggett.
1. Health & Safety checklist for the employer to complete
2. Parent/Carer Permission Form for the parent/carer to complete

If your child has any health conditions or learning disabilities that would need to be communicated with the employer then this must be done so in advance of starting the placement.

If you have any questions or queries then please don’t hesitate to email or phone 01622 717341.


Year 10 Work Shadowing Parents Letter and Permission

Work Experience Health Safety Checklist